Win a Bundle of Pet Munchies Training Treats!

Pet Munchies, makers of premium gourmet dog treats, have teamed up with K9 Magazine to offer 7 lucky readers the chance to win three packs from their training treats range.

Made with 100% natural quality, human grade real meat, Pet Munchies treats are packed full of natural goodness for your dog without artificial colours or flavours and are available in 5 delicious flavours, 4 of which are gluten and wheat free:

  • Duck
  • Venison
  • Chicken
  • Liver & Chicken
  • Sushi (contains small amounts of flour)

Naturally low in fat and carbohydrates, high in protein and very nutritious – Pet Munchies treats are ‘sealed with a dogs approval’.

The training treats are brimming with natural goodness and are used and recommended by World and Crufts 2017 Champions, Natasha Wise with her dog Dizzy. K9 Magazine’s friends them too!

Find out more about the delicious and nutritious low fat Pet Munchies treat range online at

Enter our competition to win one of Pet Munchies training treats bundles today!

All you have to do is comment on this post here leaving your email address hidden behind your username.

Good luck!

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Jayne sturgeon

Our little 12wk old Spinone would love to have these training sweets, can already hear her ‘talking’ asking for a treat as she has done what we asked of her.

Or when we are training her to do something new.

Karen hough

Yum yum yum is what Jakey says…get in my tum.

Louise Moore

Boys love your treats

Tracey Clarke

Wud love to win

Bev Davies

My 3 dogs love Pet Munchies

Susanne Galley

my dog is not keen on treats – would love to see what she thinks of yours


My boy adores any pet munchies products!

Colin Mckenna

These are the only treats I’ve found with no dubious ingredients and are small enough I can give plenty to my miniature schnauzer Henry without filling him up too much

Alison Travis

Lovely treats for my lovely little Peggy Sue 🐾🐶


Would love too win for my 4 poodles I’m always looking for new treats too buy as they are so fussy thank you for the chance

Laura Skinner

Would love to win these , ideal Christmas gifts for my dollys doggie friends x

Sharon Freemantle

Count me in please sharonfreemant2


My dog would love these.

Charlotte Williamson

Fingers crossed

mell Orford

would love to try out your products!

Carol Evans

My dog would love to win these please. Thanks.💗💗💗

Marian Sloan

Our dogs love pet munchies

Victoria Easton

My Sali and Frankie would love these!!
Thanks for the chance


Search dog Spice would really love to win these. They are her favourite treats.


I’m always interested in healthy treats for my Tiny Dog Agility Athlete, Manita, and her best Buddy, Kita.

Debra Cassidy

Buddy loves the SUSHI pet munchies. Will do anything for them

Jeannette pearce

my Teddy loves these

Pat Leong

I wonder if my dogs will share this with me ??;)

Wendy preston

Great for training and recalling my 35mph lurcher and my reactive collie.


I have been wanting to try these for ages but don’t know where to get them

Rachel Walsh

My doggy Nelson would love these, he’s a big fan of food!!!

Clare Parker

I would love to win for my four beautiful babies Jazz, Lola, Mia and Jax they’re French Bulldogs and a Lurcher and the would love these treats.

Lisa Richmond

I get through loads of treats with my two dogs and I think they would love these

Michael Fisher

They sound delicious, I might share with my lovely dog

Alexis Norman

I have used pet munchies for many years now knowing my show dogs are getting the best quality chews on the market today and it’s nice to know that they are completely safe for them to eat unlike the ingredients they put in other
products nowadays. Even if I’m on the road to shows I feel safe I can give them a piece of the chicken breast and know that is what there getting ! Feel safe and buy these products for sure I have to travel to find a stockists or at crufts I can get them but its worth it for sure .

Ann Gwillim

My boys would love these munchies.

Jayne Sturgeon

We have a young Italian Spinone of 14wks these training treats would help with her training

Rebecca Hucker

Pet munchies are my two beagles favourite treats because they’re so natural and come in a variety of flavours, the training treats are fantastic as they’re the perfect size for when out and about

Mym Clews

I have three very fussy Shibas and am looking for a treat that will appeal to them all and is healthy and non-fattening

Mary Tuft

These would help so much while I’m doing physio for a friends disabled Dalmatian , they would definitely brighten up the numerous sessions for him each day. They’d also help with my galgos hydrotherapy treadmill sessions Lol. Both need the good quality natural treats in a small training size as neither can afford to gain weight and put even more strain on their spines and hips .

Valerie Perkins

I have play/training sessions with my 3 dogs every day, always looking for treats and toys which they love.


I would really like to try these treats with my dog, I like the fact that they are 100% natural.

Marilyn Roberts

My 2 dogs have asked me to enter as they would like to be your food and treat testers.

Shannon King

That sounds good. If he doesn’t eat it I will.

Loretta McDonald

Awesome giveaway thanks for the opportunity

Alexandra Parkin

We have just adopted a dog and are currently going through training with him, we would love to win this freebie to help train our dog and help him settle into his forever home with us.

Kelly-Ann Calder

My little girl Mia would love to try these

Jack Russell Terrier
Pet's Age
nawal sen

My puppy is my heart but I need to train since am a first time inner
Will train her with this treat

Pet's Age
David C Jones

My dog is more than a dog or pet, she is a Service Dog and she has literally saved my life twice. We have been together almost 4 years now. Up until now I had no problems keeping her fed but as of late I have fallen onto difficult times. SD Olivia has received only Grain-Free food items. Dry, Wet and Snacks have always been grain-free. She and I could surely use this bag of food. I thank You.
David C Jones
US Navy Submarine Veteran

Tri-Color Rough Collie
Pet's Age

My pet munchies would love pet munchies

Working cocker spaniel
Pet's Age