Win a George Barclay Hursley Sofa Bed!

This month, K9 Magazine is giving one lucky reader the chance to win a large (120 x 75 x 27cm) cabernet and ash George Barclay Hursley sofa bed!

The George Barclay Hursley sofa bed has been produced using superior quality upholstery fabric. The bed, like other beds from Comfy Bamboo Sheets utilises a soft woven fabric for the sleep area, paired with contrasting leatherette for the beds exterior.

A three-sided bolster provides improved support and comfort, ideal for dogs that like to sleep with their head raised or prefer to nestle into the bed.

This sofa bed has our Encapsulated Pocket Sprung Mattress, providing a sublime level of comfort and support for your four-legged friend.

The mattress is constructed using several individual pocket springs, these allow independent movement, contouring the mattress to the shape of your dog’s body.

The cluster of springs is encapsulated in a foam shell, to achieve the utmost level of comfort and support.

Recommended for larger breeds and elderly dogs.

Incorporating our Moisture Shield TM  protective, water-resistant inner cover, the beds cushioning will remain dry and odourless, while the removable outer cover makes washing easy.

The bed is finished with faux suede piping and branded leatherette centre patch, to complete the beds signature styling.

So what are you waiting for? To enter this giveaway all you have to do is comment on this post here leaving your email address hidden behind your username.

Good luck!

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Karina Newlyn

My old greyhound Blossom was an Irish breeding girl who at 9 years old came over to live with us and had never had anything but straw in a shed to lay on. This bed would be the lap of luxury for her and she is so deserving of it as she was terrified for months due to her rough past. Please please can she win it x

Emma Bate

This bed would be amazing for my boys! Austin is a 65kg malamute and Kodi is a 43kg Gsd- they love their home comforts and their happiness is always our top priority! Finding big beds that are suitable and easy to clean is incredibly difficult

Adelle McArthur

Count Roxy in plz x

Linda Brown

My black lab Beam would love this as he likes to sprawl, curl up, snuggle in and he could do all that on this lovely bed.

Karen Gourlay

My dogs would love this big beautiful bed! Particularly Benny my 12 year old chow he needs a comfy place to rest his old stiff bone’s and be comfy snoozing and watching the world go by. A place to call his own, he might occasionally share with his malamonster brother and sisters… But maybe not hehe xx

Sharon Alford

My dog would love this bed, he’s 10 this year and has hip dysplasia and arthritis, he’s my best mate and my world, we are inseparable. He helped her me through my cancer and now I am by his side ❤️😍

Deborah Pilling

I would love to win this bed,I run a small animal rescue & have a couple of foster dogs who would love this x

Rosemary McDonagh

I would love one of these beds for my 4yr old Chocolate Labrador girl. Juno had Elbow Dysplasia, first diagnosed at 7 months old, and has been struggling with pain and stiffness over the last year and has suffered reaction to medication. It is so importent that she has a really comfortable bed – one in which she can curl up, or stretch out which gives great support to those sore elbows. I would love for her to have one of these sumptous beds to snooze and dream happy dreams in.

Gemma Matthews

Oh wow this is gorgeous, our little french bulldog Ronnie would love this, I’m trying to keep him of our sofa, that’s proving impossible as we both equally love a cuddle but maybe if he had a sofa of his own he might stay off ours lol

Tracy Stressing

Bessie our border collie would love this bed xx

Mrs Vigus

My name is Loki. I am a Black and Silver GSD pup of 22 weeks. I would so love to receive one of these really stylish comfortable beds to sleep on. Thank you. X

Gill Buckley

My best friend Hanno is a 9 year old fox red Labrador, last year he suffered a spinal stroke which left him paralysed down his whole right side for 6 weeks. We nursed him 24/7, and with physio excersises, swimming and a lot of love he began to sit up assisted and then after 6 weeks, walking again on his own! We are now 18 months down the line and Hanno leads a happy, pain killer free life where he takes things a little bit slower than other dogs but has not lost any of his spark, enthusiasm and loyalness. Everyday I count myself so lucky that Hanno is such a fighter and dug so deep to get to where he is today.
I think Hanno deserves to win this bed to keep him comfortable and cosy at night.
Thank you 😊

Craig Hogarth

This would be amazing for Islay, our black lab – she loves nothing more than to come through to the sitting room in front of the open fire and this would sit in our sitting room just fine!

tina saunders

great prize!

Tracey Clarke

Would love to win this for my maltese Bella she loves big beds to sleep on


I have 4 furbabies and they would absolutely love this bed, what a lovely thing for you to do, I have sienna ,Baxter and two sisters Bailey and Bella.

Deanie Gillies

Would love to win this beautiful bed for my gorgeous Weimaraner Baby G… I love the fact the bed is bolstered around but still giving the option to stretch out! Amazing quality too. Thanks so much, would certainly be delighted!


My boys, Zeus and Apollo – both Border Collies – would love snuggling up together on this luxurious looking bed.

They share everything, and love being close together… and a nice comfy bed I’m sure is much better than the floor!

Julie Gasston

Charlie, breed unknown (possibly gsd x rottie), just 5 years old and riddled with arthritis he could do with a good bed of his own. Might get him off my new sofa! And it looks unhumpable too!

Christine Martin

India a 4 year old Doberman would love this special luxury bed…… because she’s worth it

Emma peters

My 14 Yr old Raggie who is Patterdale cross would love this as he is now struggling to get on our furniture 👌❤️


Boomer a Newfoundland x has outgrown his bed and would really love the luxury of the George Barclay
Hursley sofa bed

Kerry McLean

Marvel my Sprollie is a play hard,sleep soft type and needs the best place to lay his head. He would dream in his element on this!

Laura Forster

Our new “puppy” is growing faster than we can keep up with him. He is outgrowing beds and crates like mad!
He would love this gorgeous bed.

Kim Parker

My doggy is called Rocco and he is a Cane corso.


Rufus would love a new bed

Dawn Harrison

My best friend, Micky, is a 13 years old labrador/collie cross. I first met him when he was 3 days old and he is the best thing that has ever happened to me. Until last year he used to love sleeping on my bed, but since being diagnosed with cancer in his front leg, and having several arthritic joints, he no longer jumps up there. He now has beds throughout the house, up and downstairs, but none as luxurious as this one. I think it would make him so comfortable, and he deserves the very best, because he is the best!

Emma Leigh

My golden retrievers Caoimhe and Eska would love to win one of these beautiful beds as Eska has chewed holes in their current one!!

Jayne Watson

My 4 would love to snuggle up together this winter in one of your lovely beds!

Lydia Bradley

My cockapoo Alfie would love this bed, just at the right time too. He has his first knee surgery in November at the age of just 1, then he’ll be having the second one operated around Christmas. This bed would definitely help aid his recovery!


I would like to win because I have 2 dogs, and they love soft things but won’t be allowed inside because of their behavior. It would be really nice for them to get one.

Liz Morris

Oh my goodness! You have no idea how much I would LOVE to win this George Barclay Hursley sofa bed for our big boy Forest. He so much deserves this wonderful treat and I know he would love it! Forest does not have a mean bone in his body and is such a sweet good boy. Any dog would feel loved and special if their pet parent gave them this fantastic sofa bed by George Barclay Hurley! Isn’t that the way it should be for any dog? Feeling loved and special. Thank you so much, for offering such a wonderful prize for some very lucky winner! 🐕


I would love to win this dog bed, it looks amazing! I love the open front, the colours and the mattress sounds great. I also like how the cover can be removed due washing, which is very important


2 time lucky (form not valid previously)
My wire haired vizsla, ginger oldie, Mabel is 11 and would love a bit more comfort and support.

Deborah Press

I have a pooch called Harley
He’s crazy and silly but gorgeous
He’s a big soft Lab🐕
Who hates water💦 ( I know ) and crabs ( it rhymes 😂)
But LOVES 💖his family 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 who think he’s definitely the best thing since sliced bread 😂

Lisa Richmond

I think my puppy would love to sleep in this

Karen Fullbrook

My gorgeous 38 kilo Labradoodle Benson would LOVE this. He’s 11 next month and was diagnosed with DSD so something this big yet support would be utterly perfect for the big chap

Kate Coppock

Daisy is our St. Bernard puppy and would love to have a comfy bed to curl up in … she is 17 weeks and already huge and grown out of her bed!!

Suzanne Le Gray

My boy Jacob is a young Clumber spaniel. This means a long spine and some very twisted sleeping positions. His favourite sleep position is snuggled into my side on the bed with his head flopped over my thigh.
He is on his 4th bed and I have yet to find one he obviously loves. The need for something firm to lean against and soft but firm to lay his head over seems hard to come by. Perhaps George Barclay could change this.

Merryn Roberts

Our rescue pup would, probably? love this. I say probably because being an ex street dog he often prefers the most odd sleeping places. Having said that- this bed is styled in a way that is very similar to the top of our stairs which is his favourite spot and to prevent any more night time trips over him this would be the best investment!


Oban loves a lie in. His bed at the moment has high sides that he snuggles right in to. He’s had his current bed for a while now and it’s getting a bit tatty, a new one would look great in his new room in our new house.

Emma Marie

Byron is a 3 yr old Border Collie X Whippet who loves nothing more than a good snuggle! He would love to win a sofa-bed, so that he always has a place of luxurious comfort to call his own!

Romilly Woolner

Yes please!

Jemma morley

My Dalmatian would absolutely love this bed. It’s hard to find a nice big bed that’s comfortable enough for him as he loves his home comforts!

Joy Bettison

My dog is a Bernese Mountain Dog and she is called Holly (the Hooligan). She would absolutely love this bed as it looks spacious and extremely comfortable, the the thing for snoring an afternoon away. X x

Charlie Brunton

I would absolutely love to win this beautiful, quality bed for my dad’s dog, Tia! She’s been a poorly girl recently & has got to get lots of rest, so a comfortable, cosy bed would be a lovely gift for her!

Gemma clarke

Ted would love to win this

Pam Beer

My two Jack Russell’s, Jack 11 and Mims 4 both neutered would love a bit of luxury and comfort x Thank you for the chance to win x
Shared on Facebook and Twitter x

Christine varney

Our boy odin is a staffy and loves to snuggle. This would be perfect for him.


Maple the dobermann would love to win this bed which looks perfect for a princess…

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