Win a George Barclay Hursley Sofa Bed!

This month, K9 Magazine is giving one lucky reader the chance to win a large (120 x 75 x 27cm) cabernet and ash George Barclay Hursley sofa bed!

The George Barclay Hursley sofa bed has been produced using superior quality upholstery fabric. The bed, like other beds from Comfy Bamboo Sheets utilises a soft woven fabric for the sleep area, paired with contrasting leatherette for the beds exterior.

A three-sided bolster provides improved support and comfort, ideal for dogs that like to sleep with their head raised or prefer to nestle into the bed.

This sofa bed has our Encapsulated Pocket Sprung Mattress, providing a sublime level of comfort and support for your four-legged friend.

The mattress is constructed using several individual pocket springs, these allow independent movement, contouring the mattress to the shape of your dog’s body.

The cluster of springs is encapsulated in a foam shell, to achieve the utmost level of comfort and support.

Recommended for larger breeds and elderly dogs.

Incorporating our Moisture Shield TM  protective, water-resistant inner cover, the beds cushioning will remain dry and odourless, while the removable outer cover makes washing easy.

The bed is finished with faux suede piping and branded leatherette centre patch, to complete the beds signature styling.

So what are you waiting for? To enter this giveaway all you have to do is comment on this post here leaving your email address hidden behind your username.

Good luck!

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Hmmm. Will they actually leave the bed to go for a walk, do you think?

A Tricia Oates

The bed looks very comfortable

Jo Lewis

I have a couple of lovely oldies who would love to be snuggled up on this bed all day, hey it even looks so comfortable I might join them 😂

Helen Lees

My dogs would love the life of luxury and they deserve it!!

Angela Jones

My senior Weims would just love this bed. They are 9 & 10 years old and despite full of life the signs of ageing are obvious. What a super treat for my fur children

Margaret Dawson

I have 2 King Charles spaniels that have a bed each but insist on squashing themselves into one to be together. This bed looks large enough to take 2 dogs of the size I have and I am sure they would be more comfortable and far happier.

Jana Kosikova

Love this bed!!

Jana Kosikova

Love this bed


oh wow, I would love this for my old boy, he is a golden retriever aged 12 he had a ruptured cruciate in his knee and now has arthritis in his knee this would be a perfect gift and somewhere to sleep comfortably xxx

Mary Tuft

Wow! My 40moh couch potatoes would never be off this!

Laura Creed

I would love to win this bed, as one of my dogs is 11 and has spondylosis, as a large breed we can never seem to find just the right bed. Lady would LOVE this bed! She deserves a sublime level of comfort. She loves to snooze with her head raised and I could see me struggling to get her out of it! Lady deserves the best, and the The George Barclay Hursley bed looks to be just that.

Adelle McArthur

This would be ideal for Roxy 🐶💚

Eleanor Catalina Stevens

Such a fantastic and generous prize – gosh, thank you for the opportunity of winning. I know my girl would absolutely adore this. It’s so beautiful. Best of luck to all – fingers and paws crossed! 🐾

Rosie MacDiarmid

I’d love one of these for my springer spaniel Beetle. He’s quite happy sleeping all spread out in a person sized space in our bed, leaving little room for actual people. This is fine in the summer but he hogs the duvet in the winter! Help us get our bed back…?

bess watkins

bess the collie wags her tail in hope of wininng a new bed

Carolyn Stanley

My Staffie would feel like a princess in this bed and it would be an ideal Christmas present for my special girl

Lorraine London

My wonderful friend is a 13 year old whippet. He is still a lively boy but sleeps quite a lot in my bed. He’s my best friend.


This would be perfect! The poor pup has been sleeping on a doormat with a blanket for now.


This would be perfect.


Im not sure if this is real but if it is I would be glad to have one 😉

Shaney Troxel

After losing our little Maltese to seizures, my husband and I donated all of his belongings to the local shelter. Now we have decided to buy another one and no longer have a bed for it.
Our last Maltese had a Serta bed and he loved it.


I would love to win this bed, as I have long admired them… I have two dogs, so I am not quite sure how I will decide who gets to use it – perhaps I will need to buy another 🙂
Fingers and paws crossed.

Tanya Enzweiler

My 100lb furbaby needs a bed of his own!!!

antonina murray smith

Amazing beds!!!

Julia Lovegrove

The day our darling Gracie walked into our home with her rather large 12 week old paws both my husband and I knew she would bring so much love and comfort into our lives particularly when she visits Neenar in the nursing home. I’m sure she would appreciate this bed as I am always told by the groomer she will not stand to be cut and I think the comment was “I can’t be arsed with all this grooming lark”

K Atkin

A recommended bed is the best, coupled with the Barclay name for quality; these beds are superb.

Ellie Green

Ralph, my 4 year old, golden retriever, would absolutely adore one of these to relax in after a busy morning at the beach or an afternoon stroll through the village. He loves to sprawl out on his back or stretch out on his side although he’s also been known to curl up in a bed two sizes too small!

Michelle Conway

Would love this for the new addition our little bull mastiff as he would get most comfort using this

red rei

we have no money for one our pup is new

Pet's Age
Leah Bell

My Koda would take naps for days in this cozy bed! He thinks he owns my bed right now and really needs one of his own😅

Border collie/Australian shepherd
Pet's Age
Jairah Tueres

She is very moody and cat like dog. She sleeps in the kitchen floor where is cold since we haven’t bought one for her yet. Maybe that’s why she’s so moody. She likes to drink water a lot and taking walks! Getting this dog bed for her will liven up her mood and after taking a long walk will giver her the comfort she needs to rest for another fun walks!!

chow chow
Pet's Age
Linda Nicholas

Our 4 year old GSD Amber so loves life and to snuggle into a classy cosy bed .She broke her back as a puppy so support and comfort from the George
Hurley bed would be the ultimate luxury- and we would get OUR bed back!

German Shepherd
Pet's Age
Sandra Blackford

Excellent post, thinking of buying one and this has explained everything I wanted to know. Thank you.

Pet's Age

My baby is a very loving pup and he loves to snuggle on this sofa but he also loves his own space so this sofa bed would make him feel like he’s on the sofa with us but he’ll have the comfort of his own space

American Bully XL
Pet's Age
Doreen Asare

My dog would like this bed because it would make her feel safe. Where she came from wasn’t the safest place but hopefully now she knows she’s loved

Lab mix
Pet's Age
Trisha Gemme Atienza

If ever I’ll win this, this bed is going to be the first bed of my dog.


My dog would absolutely love this bed, he loves stretching out and snoozing on my bed so it would nice to have the bed to myself once in a while!

Pet's Age
Oscar Szubert

I wish I could get this.. I have a old destroyed dog bed for now and I really need a new one.. I also love saving money

Belgian malinois
Pet's Age
Charlotte powell

Hi my dogs a bit old and is offen uncomfortable with joint pain, i try to make him comfortable, but he would really appreciate this lovely big dog bed. He would definitely be comfortable in this. Yes please

Staffordshire bullterer
Pet's Age