Win a Goody Bag from Fish4Dogs!

This month K9 Magazine and have teamed up with Fish4Dogs to offer two lucky readers the chance to win a goody bag packed full of goodies your dog is sure to love!

Each goody bag, as pictured above, will include: New Freeze Dried Treats, Mackerel Morsels for Coat/Skin/Joint and Mackerel Morsels Digestive Aid, Sea Jerky Tiddlers, Squares and Fish Bones, Sea Wraps Treats PLUS Mackerel Wet Complete dog food, Puppy Finest Regular Bite, Finest Salmon Trout Mousse andFinest Salmon Mousse dog food!

Wow, that’s a whole heap of yummy fishy goodness packed into each goody bag!

David Southey, Fish4Dogs pet nutritionist advises on the benefits of feeding fish to dogs. “Fish has many health promoting benefits, many of which are linked to its high omega-3 fat content. Omega-3 oils, called DHA and EPA, are metabolised in the body to produce substances that reduce inflammation. Since many common conditions that dogs experience, such as dermatitis, arthritis and renal disease, can be exacerbated by inflammation, fish oils can help to alleviate symptoms. They also promote the production of sebum and ceramides, which provide a glossy sheen to the coat, and help to strengthen hair fibres. Furthermore, the digestibility and biological value of fish protein is amongst the highest found in any food ingredient, with an amino acid profile that very closely matches that required for muscle growth and development. Minerals and cartilage in fish also support healthy bones and teeth, as well as promoting joint flexibility”

Read more about Fish4Dogs’s ranges online here:

So delay no longer, enter our competition today! All you have to do is comment on this post here leaving your email address hidden behind your username.

Good luck!

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Nicole Fletcher

my dogs would love this! they love treats and fish

Lucy white

my lab and lurcher love fish 🙂 it’s one thing that doesn’t upset his tummy

tina saunders

a friend gave my dog some fishy treats to try and he absolutely loved them – this would be a real treat!

belinda atkinson

my dog loves fish treats as he has a wheat/cereal allergy so would love to try these besides his regular brand. thank you

Susan Foot

If I could win
These Fishy treats
It’d make my dog’s life complete
He loves fish flavours
Through and through
So he’d be thrilled
To try them too.

Kim Bowers

I have several dogs all with different dietry requirements. Fish4dogs bridges the gap and offers benefits to all of them.

Lynn Reeves

I would like to win this prize for my Labradoodle Ted. He is two years old and we rescued him 6 months ago. He loves fish and am sure he would love this dog food.

Yolande Bender

Really never thought of feading fish to my dogs before. We never stop learning.

Yolande Bender

I’m always looking for new treats for my fussy eaters.

Evelyn Stace

My dogs, Phinn and Benny, love fish so I know this goody bag would go down a treat!!


Pick me please


great prize.

eliane blanchard

awesome prize


I have four dogs who adore these treats. And not only that, I really see a difference especially in my 12 year old collie cross (who has arthritis) when she has these as she runs around with the rest of the crew as though she is a five year old. So not only are these treats beneficial visibily but I am reassured they are working well inside, helps keep their teeth clean and they don’t upset their tummies either. So it would be wonderful to win this fab prize.


Safi loves the fish-skin jerky so would love to try some of these other treats 🙂

Martha Brindley

I have two whippets and they love their fish.


My dog is the best hope she wins she deserves it x


This is too good to be true, my dog would love these prizes!!

Karen T.

This would be a lovely prize for my two Cavalier King charles spaniels.

anna hewitt

Wow, my pooch would love to win these for Christmas x


would love to win

Maggie Dawson

My dogs love fish and would love all this.

Marie Court

My dog has recently been diagnosed with arthritis, he is feeling low as he’s not allowed to play ball at the moment…. please cheer him up!

Alyson Chapman

Ooh this is fantastic – our pooch Walter would love this! Please count me in.

ann bracegirdle

I find the doge love fish especially after a walk


My dog, Dozer would L O V E to win all these wonderful treats. He would be in dogie heaven. What a wonderful Christmas gift for Dozer to get

Carrie-anne Hill

My fussy dog loves fish and has dermatitis so I’d love to win this to see if there’s a range of healthy products for him that can help ease his symptoms without medications.

Evelyn Stace

“Fish, fish and more fish” sounds like a good menu to my fish-loving dogs, Phinn and Benny!
Merry Christmas to all!! X

tina hart

please send me dog freebies

Trisha smith

I just got a pitbull/black lab puppy that these people was gonna drop off at a pound or side of the road.. And I couldn’t see that happening. All because the people said they thought she was gonna be a small dog and also she had an eye infection cause of that and the owners didnt take care of her eye she is now blind in the left eye and I don’t have much for her just yet … Im lookin up also proper ways of training her … She is such a sweetheart she’s a blessing to be a part of my family .. We fell in love with her right away … We have to always take more time with her cause of her no eye sight in her eye she gets scared of noises and things on that side of her body she can’t see … With us taken her in with her disability and trying to train her .. Honestly has brought so much joy around in my home she’s my little blessing …

diane bunce

all 5 of our dogs love fish so these seats would be ideal


my dog loves fish and would love to try these

Claire Aylward

Tia is wagging her tail to bring her good luck!!

Susannah Leggatt

Both my dogs love all things fishy

Laura Creed

I’d love to win this as one of my dogs has skin problems, and can’t have many dog treats! My other dog has arthritis and I think they both desevrve some treats I know they’ll love and whiich will do them good. The fact that many common conditions that dogs experience, such as dermatitis, arthritis and renal disease, can be exacerbated by inflammation, fish oils can help to alleviate symptoms reassures me that this is a treat my dogs will benefit from, and then I’ll know I can buy them in the future!!

hazel keane

My dogs LOVE fish4dogs fish treats! They would love some freebies for Christmas 🎅

Tim Oliver

Our Holly is a tiny jackawawa and is a spoilt little bugger. She loves her walks and a good run around the fields. Loves play fighting….it’s like she has rabbies when she fights. Then afterwards she love snoozing on the sofa. Oh and of course she really loves her treats.


I would love this for my pup!

joseph harris

I wannna win my dog need this

Jessica M Hicks

Im in disability and am having a hard time supporting my companion dog and need help til I can get caught up


yes please

Gail Clement

I bet my 3 fur babies would love this


my dog is not trained properly and is pooping everywhere chewing everything.i am not able to buy treats now bcz of this condition plz choose my snooffy.he would love it and will be trained as well .i would really recommend andd buy your stuffs later plz select my snooffy