Win a Pawbo+ Wireless Interactive Pet Camera

Recently, we reviewed the Pawbo+ for K9 Magazine, and now we are offering you the chance to win your very own!

The Pawbo+ Wireless Interactive Pet Camera is an interactive wireless pet treat cam and treat dispenser, all in one!

The two-way communication and 720p stunning live streaming makes it simple to listen and talk to your pets anytime, anywhere – providing you with an unforgettable visual experience that’s the next best thing to being back at home with them.

It’s ideal for when you’re out at work, away or on the move, as Pawbo+ allows that bond to remain so you feel connected to your pets even when you’re not physically with them.

Other benefits include:

  • Up to eight users can chat simultaneously with a pet through Pawbo+
  • Six built-in ringtones to attract your pet’s attention
  • Built-in games for interacting with your pet, with the capability of extending functions via wireless connection
  • Record up to 15 minutes’ video
  • The PAWBO Life app allows users to control multiple Pawbo+ devices and operate
  • Multiple Pawbo+ accessories. Also compatible with social media platforms, enabling instant image upload.

So what are you waiting for? Enter our competition to win a Pawbo+. All you have to do is comment on this post here leaving your email address hidden behind your username.

Good luck!

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Gary Cornthwaite

This would be great for our Staffy/whippet rescue dog Echo. She spent the first 4 months of her life locked in a 6×4 shed, in which she slept, toilet and ate. When she did see someone he threw her some food and mistreated her. It took us a year to house train her, and for her to trust us but she still has separation anxiety, this would be very helpful!


Oh wow 😳 love this !! I have 4 dogs 3 rescued . I’m sure they would love this , I could talk to them whilst out and about . Love to see what they get up too 😳😳😳❤️

Sarah Seymour

I would like to win this because I would like to see what my pups are doing while I am out of the house. They are very smart, so i’m guessing they totally not Perfect when i’m away. I think it is a great idea to have this give away, and it would be AWESOME if I won!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Marie McWilliams

I could do with this. What a prize to receive.

Nicola Valentine

I would love to win this. I have to work in a different city from home. There are people nearer to home, and we don’t leave our dogs alone for long, but it would be amazing for me to be able to tune into them from miles down the road whether they are alone or with the dog sitter/husband/one of the kids. I miss them so much!

Lynne veasey

I would like to win this as l have multipul dogs l have a spitful neighbour who complains every 6 month saying my dogs bark from 7am to 11pm so it would help to rule it out

Chrissy Fox

I would love to win a Pawbo+Wireless and Interactive Pet Camera for my dog, Fred, because I would love to be able to see and interact with my dog while I am away for work. My dog is the most important living thing to me and I would love nothing more than to have another way to spend time with him even if I am away!

Pamela Ann Mitchell

Getting a new puppy and I have 2older dogs and would love to see the antics that the three of them get up to when we leave the house

anne carpenter

This would be so good to keep an eye on my rescues

Catriona Allan

I have 3 very excitable
Dogs 2 boxers and a lab being able to keep and eye on the while I am out out would be a wonderful help, since the oldest Ripley (2 1/2) chewed all the corners off my kitchen cabinets 🙀


I want this. Hope we win

Sara Williams

This looks amazing! Having two dogs and not being able to be with them 24/7 this device would be perfect for them and us – plus I could see who was the naughty one lol!

Mrs Batterbee

This would be fantastic for keeping an eye on our little boy when hes at home alone, we could also use it for our other pets when our dog comes with us. Were looking into these at christmas. Would be fantastic to win it


This would be great to keep an eye on my babies but also to talk to them to keep them carm if needed when I have to nip out or am at work, brilliant invention

chelsea hourn

my puppy has really bad anxiety and we have spent nearly $3000 dollars on a camera that did not work and we did not get are money back so this would be amazing to win this as it would mean we can see just what she needs that will help her.

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Kirsty 😘

Would love this as just bought a puppy and would love the reassurance that he not stressing when not here

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