Win a PET HEAD Shampoo & Conditioner Bundle: 3 to Giveaway!

This month, K9 Magazine has teamed up with PET HEAD to offer three lucky readers the chance to win a PET HEAD Dirty Talk and Furtastic shampoo and conditioner bundle!

Dirty or smelly dog? Dry and sensitive skin? Short on time and need to get fresh?

PET HEAD has a range of products to suit every dog’s need and with fresh and fruity fragrances they are sure to leave your dog looking and smelling amazing.

All PET HEAD products are packed with natural ingredients that nourish the dog’s fur leaving it soft, shiny, strong and obviously, smelling great – Aloe vera, shea butter, chamomile, argan oil and oatmeal are a few examples of those amazing ingredients.

All PET HEAD products are pH balanced and can be used in puppies aged 8 weeks and upwards.

We are giving away 1 shampoo and 1 conditioner that will give your pup the great PET HEAD pampering experience.

So what are you waiting for? To enter this giveaway all you have to do is comment on this post here leaving your email address hidden behind your username.

Good luck!

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Adelle McArthur

Yes please!! 😊

Tracey Clarke

W9uld love to win these for my maltese Bella

tina saunders

Lovely prize!


Rufus would like to have a nice shampoo

Lisa Richmond

my puppy loves to roll in fox poo, and the smells on these products look amazing


Oban, our 16 month cockapoo needs a lot of attention when it comes to hygiene. We have to regularly bath him as he loves to be out and about and boys will be boys, he loves the dirty bits. We have been using pethead since he was a pup. It works well and the best thing is, it smells amazing!

Jemma morley

My dog loves to roll in anything! So Bath time is quite common. He is a sensitive boy so this would be perfect for him

Denise walton

I would love to win for our Sabre


Would love to win some shampoo and conditioner for my long-haired Border Collies, especially as it’s coming into winter – lots of puddles and mud to have fun in!

karen gregory

My dog is a roller. He will find something to roll in almost every time he has off lead time. Good job he accepts that he needs a bath even if he does not think so.

Andrea McHugh

Oooh this would be wonderful for my two little scruffy white dogs! I need to bath them quite often at this time of year. Hope we win!

Shannon king

My dog sort of smells like a dog and neither of us like it.

Mary King

Our little Jack Russell would love to be pampered with only the best-definitely this product. Fingers crossed our Boo is one lucky dog.

Nicholas Bootle


Lorraine Crawford

I would like to win this bundle as I have the naughtiest cockapoo ever she just doesn’t understand she is supposed to be a lady and she rolls in the smelliest stuff she can find so she constantly needs washing 🙈🙈🙈

yuna katz

Would love some great smelling and good working shampoo!

Jeanette Purvis

My dog has a real smelly problem with long fur and loves leaves and muddy wet grass so this would certainly be the ideal treat to make my dog smell a lot better, she loves going out during the night and brings in most of the garden leaves attached to her feet tail body and anywhere they decide to stick. Would love to have a dog that smells more like a flower than a rubbish heap.

Nico's Legacy

We run a dog rescue, there are many dogs that would be grateful of a lovely shampoo

Kelly Henderson

Want a nice smelling Labrador.want him to look posh.

bryanne Ineson

Quite simply who doesnt enjoy the notion of winning free stuff? To actually win? Well the feel good sensation would be intensified in eons!

bryanne Ineson

I need this for me!

Micki Miller

I am very excited to learn of your awesome dog shampoos and would Love to win some.

mike stokes

My working cocker spaniel has a lovely coat already but this would help keep it that way in the coming winter months when she does get quite dirty.

Vanessa Gregory

Sounds amazing and the smells.
Think my girls would love a try!

Jo Lewis

Everybody raves about these shampoos which I haven’t yet tried – think it’s about time I did!

Angela Jones

How lovely it would be to treat my Weims with these products. The fragrances sound lovely. My fur children can join mummy in a skincare and beauty regime

Margaret Dawson

I have 2 show dogs and would love to try this product on them as it sounds really good.

Laura Creed

I would love to win these Pet Head products as I have two dogs with very sensitive skin and grass allergies. The natural ingredients would rrally benefit them. My dogs deserve to be pampered, and next time they roll in fox poo I won’t worry about the smell, as yummy orange would do the trick!

Adelle McArthur

This would be brilliant x

Eleanor Catalina Stevens

Wow – I’d love to try every one of these! They look incredible. I’d love to become a life long customer for sure – and what a perfect opportunity to have a go! Thank You for the wonderful prize.

bess watkins

hope not to late

Sheryl B Santos

I would like to win this stuff for my puppy

Labrador retriever
Pet's Age
Catie Bear

My pet loves to take baths but some of the products hurt her so this would be perfect for her.

Longhaired chihuahua
Pet's Age
mary e head

so my puppy get a great smell

bully pit and hound dog
Pet's Age