Win a Scruffs Thermal Care Package!

This month K9 Magazine has teamed up with Scruffs® to offer one lucky reader the chance to win a Thermal Care package, including a self-heating pet bed, jacket and pet mat, to help get you through the cold, winter months.

Here’s what the lucky winner’s prize will include:

A Scruffs® Thermal, Self-Heating bed and pet mat

They are an ideal choice to keep your pet warm on those cold winter nights.

Each bed contains a foam layer, backed with reflective foil. This layer is sandwiched between quilted polyester fibres and the beds main fill, it reflects body heat back to your pet, keeping them warm.

The quilted hollow fibre lies beneath a super soft fleece cover this layer holds warm air around your pet providing added insulation.

A Scruffs® Thermal Dog Jacket

This jacket provides warmth to your dog’s muscles on those brisk morning walks. A soft shell exterior gives excellent protection against wind and rain while retaining its breathable qualities.

The reflective technology lining, combined with a hollow fibre core maximises the dog jackets thermal properties. A fleece collar and chest pad provide greater comfort, improved fitment and allow unrestricted movement.

So what are you waiting for? Enter this competition to win our Thermal Care Package. All you have to do is comment on this post, telling us your dog’s breed,  leaving your email address hidden behind your username.

Good luck!

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Heidi Anderson

I’d like to win because I am now rescuing a dog. This is my first time as a foster carer for rescue dogts as I want to help but I don’t work and short on cash to get set up with items. I want the dogs to be as comfy and happy as possible. And I think a Scruff bed w would give them a life of luxury that they deserve.

Klaudia M

My dog would love one for the winter

Miranda Wisel

I would love to have these for my dog

Debbie lambert

I’ve got 4 small dogs,they would love this.

james constant

this would be perfect for our Bearded collie Murdoch who has arthritis at age 8 we keep him warm with a fleece jumper but he is unable to get up onto sofa now and he would benefit hugely from the thermal bed and mat. The extra heat and comfort would help so much to alieve his stiffness and pain. the coat looks brilliant and would be a great help to keep him drier here in wales. he’s our dog in a zillion and truly deserves this super prize. xxxxxx


My dogs breed is a pug!

Orsolya Olah-Gray

My Kimi is a Japanese Spits.
He’d love it.


My dog Albert is a 6 year old Foxhound.

Leigh Greenhalgh

oooh my dogs wil love them

Helen Neve

Desperately need some of these to take to Romanian dog shelter in April 2018.All donations gratefully received

toni pearson

just finished my comment, but forgot to tell you our pup is a cockapoo…hope this is ok to add after my previous comment


Sheldon is a Lhasa Apso& when he’s had his regular trim he definitely needs this thermal coat. 🤞🏻


I have a Staffordshire bull Terrier. He is 14 months and loves to snuggle up under the blanket on his dog bed after a long walk and snore away. This is a fantastic package for a dog to experience some luxury.

Joanne Wilkes

Think these goodies would be great for our new puppy


Rhodesian ridgeback X bull mastiff

Maude Mae Calamba

My dog is a shih tzu. 🙂

Donna Blackburn

I have a chug
3 pomchi
1 mini poodle x?

Derek Smalley

Brilliant prize.


This would be amazing for my emotional support dog trigger

Lorraine Lawlor

Please send me a free bed for my weimnarana , i would live him to have a nice bed ..willung to review

Tanya Martin

We have a female dog that has outgrown her bed, we don’t have enough money at the moment to pay for one and she isn’t comfortable in her kennel. It would mean alot to my family and our dog.

Helen Lees

I’d love to win this for my rescue dog Sassy, she really feels the cold.


Wow just wow

Lesley Hibbs

Lesley hibbs email is I would like to win because I have a huge 6 month old German Sheppard called Lemmy at present he has a fleece blanket not a good one really our boy deserves some luxury and scruffs is luxury

Gail Clement

I’d love to win this

blessing knighten

hi my dog is a mix but is 30 in long and a 22in chest. its looks cool

Alayia Phillips

id like to win because my friend you dont have a dog bed right ?then she sent me this link so i got on it. it said alot of intresting things so i read threw and was like sure cause it said stuff about it makes the dogs warm and its cool really free if i do not win sure i will congratulate the winners. and my dog really needs a bed bad bad…

Michelle Conway

Think this would be great for new puppy as it looks comfortable and strong and he can self regulate his temperature

Catherine Christie

Having three girls, two elderly and one 3 yr old Italian Greyhound….always cold!! And her sisters as ageing, feeling the frosty nights as well!

Italian Greyhound, Kelpie, labrador
Pet's Age
Kelley sinfield

I have a hairless crestie and she hates the cold and she would be snug as a bug in this self heating bed and she might even forgive are foster dog Rolo for destroying her doggy sleeping bag paws crossed 🐾

Chinese crested
Pet's Age

My wee pup would love this gorgeous bed especially coming into the cooler weather

Pet's Age
Melissa Mendizabal

My dog is mixed with a pit bull, Rottweiler, German Shepard & I think that’s it. My email is . Please pick me because my dog sleeps on hard floor & I just want him to be as comfortable as us.

Pit bull, Rottweiler & German Shepard
Pet's Age
Dimple Solanki

my dog really need this

Indian Sptiz, Pomeranian
Pet's Age
Cass Davies

I have a Labrador who will be 10 in January. Dixie just loves to swim, and would break ice on water to do so. It would be great to be able to wrap her in a warm coat for the journey home before I can dry her off properly. Dixie could then snuggle down into a cosy bed once dried!

Labrador retriever
Pet's Age
Leticia OReilly

I would love this for my little staffie pup she is coming home to her new family on February this would be a grate presant for her

Pet's Age