Win an EZVIZ Mini O Plus!

Have you ever returned home to find that your mail has been ripped to shreds, or the sofa has been chewed by your dog? What if you had the chance to potentially stop them before it happens by keeping an eye on your pets, or even speaking to them from wherever you are? Perhaps you have even been suspicious of an intruder cat in the middle of the night and want to find out?

The answer to all could easily be solved with this competition! This month K9 Magazine has teamed up with EZVIZ to offer three lucky readers the chance to win an EZVIZ Mini O Plus!

The EZVIZ Mini O Plus, is not just a Smart Wi-Fi Security Camera that you can view and monitor wherever you are in the World via the free EZVIZ app, but also makes a great Pet Monitoring solution.

With two-way audio, Night Vision and many other great features and benefits such as compatibility with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant devices, you can keep an eye on your pets, as well as your home anytime, anywhere! £39.99 from

So what are you waiting for? Enter our competition to win one an EZVIZ Mini O Plus!

All you have to do is comment on this post here leaving your email address hidden behind your username.

Good luck!

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Adelle McArthur

I’ve always wondered what my wee girl gets up to when we’re out so this would be ideal to find out.

Jessica Barber

Very savvy!

Stuart Cooper

We need an EZVIZ Mini O Plus to keep an eye on our two young Shih Tzu’s Molly and Olly. They are brother and sister and get up to no end of mischief. If they are partying when we are out we want to know! If they are ripping cushions (and they do), fighting, pooing, or just plain old sleeping, we would like to know.

Lisa Richmond

I would love the chance to see what my puppies up to when he’s left on his own he is always by the door when I open it so I have no idea what He does when I’m not there

Stuart Anderson

What s fabulous prize! Would love to see what my 2 dogs are up to when I’m out (and to be able to tell them to stop it if they’re goofing around!)



Emma Farrell

Awesomely pawesome

Stephen Taylor

this would be great to be able to keep in touch with our cat when we go out she would still feel safe and relaxed

Gideon riley

I’ve got 3 and my god are they a life saver, already god a neighbour in trouble for kicking in our door and if I hadn’t of gotten them I’d still be trying to sort that out

Deborah Press

I have a very lively Labrador who loves to play with his toys and is ball crazy. Would be fantastic to see what he gets up to when we are out 🐕🤹‍♀️⛹️‍♀️🎾🦴🐕😍

Deborah Press

My amazing beautiful dog 🐕 , Harley, is so full of fun. He’s
A crazy Labrador who loves to play , he has lots of 🧸 toys and is obsessed with 🎾 balls. It would be amazing to see what he gets up to when we are out 😂🐕🦴🧸🎾😍

sheena bess many thanks



sheena ellis

wow looks great

jan ellis

now mummy can see whaz I do


I already have 2 would make a great addition

Colleen Green

I always wondered what my 2 Border Collies are up to. They both look guilty when I enter the room.


It’s always interesting to see what dogs get up to alone at home, and to see what kind of trouble they think about doing whilst everyone is at home. I have two dogs, so it’ll be amazing to see who encourages who first.

Kirsty 😘

I would love one of these I’ve just bought a puppy and would love to know what he gets up to when not in and distressed

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