4 Hampers from Nutriment to Win!

Following the success and overwhelming entries to the last hamper competition from Nutriment, K9 Magazine are delighted to offer another four lucky readers the chance to win a hamper packed full of delicious and nutritious goodies!

Nutriment is a leading light in biologically appropriate (raw) pet food.  Recognizing that there’s life beyond bland, over-processed kibble, Camberley’s favourite and award-winning pet food provider stands tall as an antidote to dull, nutritionally suspect mealtimes.

Nutriment hamper giveaway

Devoid of any inappropriate grain fillers and artificial nasties, Nutriment provides a delicious array of meticulously assembled recipes made from top-notch, human grade meat, veg and metabolism-friendly superfoods (kelp, flax, spirulina, coconut & salmon oils).

Nutriment comes in 3 devilishly divine formats:

a)  Just range: our DIY/ building block range is geared at any hands-on dog breeders or pet owners looking for a top quality base product that they can then add their final culinary flourishes to.

b) Nutriment (core): our flagship, ‘complete recipe’ range aimed at discerning medium-sized or large dogs.

C) Dinner for Dogs (new): our sumptuous, single portion portfolio that recognizes the growing nationwide trend for less active but equally discerning smaller dogs who refuse to compromise on great taste in their quest for less protein-rich recipes.

Find out more about Nutriment online at www.nutriment.co

So delay no longer! Enter our competition to win one of 4, brimming with goodness Nutriment hampers. All you have to do is comment on this post here leaving your email address hidden behind your username telling us a little about your dog (name, age, breed, activity level, food flavour likes/dislikes) and your hamper will be tailored for your dog’s needs.

Good luck!

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Anya Sargent

yorkie. active. likes most foods.

Lynn Reeves

Have not tried my rescued labradoodle on raw food. This sounds so tasty and full of nutriments and I am sure he would enjoy it.

mary ann kerr

lovely hamper


great hamper

tina saunders

My dog is a 3 year old Jackahuahu called Cody. He is very active and likes a mixture of wet and dry food but will eat anything!

Samantha Chidler

I would love to win this for my dog to try.

belinda atkinson

wow on looking at this hamper this would be a fantastic gift for my newly adopted staffy one year old eddie, a rescue dog, he is white in colour and has cereal allergys so this would suit him so much., eddie would love to try it and he would know he is my forever pet if he won such a fantastic prize . thank you .

Colleen Green

Very nice prize my 2boarder collies would love this .
Merry Christmas

Susannah Leggatt

I have a bouncy Lurcher x Jack Russell, she’s speedy, fast, active and just turn 1 years. Her name is Pippa. I’ve had several dogs of x and full breeds. But Pippa is by far my favourite. She has actually helped some children become less scared of dogs, due to her temperament. She’s the best all rounder.

sylvia fadries

Lizzie is my 10 year old rescue Bull Lurcher. I have to check that statement as I’ve had her since she was a year old and in one respect it feels likes I’ve always had her as we are so bonded. In another respect I can’t accept that she is THAT old as she looks and acts like she did at one year old. The phrase “Bull Lurcher” does her no favours as it doesn’t say how beautiful she is inside and out. Ok I am bias (very!) but SO many other people have said so, including judges in dog shows. She loves all people but seems to be drawn to people in wheelchairs, singling them out for a special fuss. She gives so much that a hamper would be a way of her getting something back. She isn’t a fussy eater at all but chicken seems to be her favourite food.


I have fed raw for several years, but never tried Nutriment – winning some would be an introduction to it.

tina saunders

Fantastic prize!


Sophie is a mixed bull breed rescue, about 5yo. She’s low energy, and loves raw bones/anything fish flavoured!


I would love to win this for my dog because he is the cutest dog in the world plus he saved my life .

Lyndsay Spencer

I have 2 Olde Tyme Bulldogs, they are 2 years old and only have light exercise due to their breed. They have many likes and no dislikes that I know of! They would love to win one of your hampers, thank you for the chance.

joseph harris

My dog oljy eat my cooking so this could be a good transition

Anna Hewitt

My dog is called Benson and he’s 12 years old, I’ve had him from a pup, he’s mixed breed ( collie cross) He suffers from epilepsy so only eats a natural diet with no additives, he loves all meat but isn’t too keen on fish or eggs. He’s very active for his age and doesn’t need to loose any weight, he can happily still manage a good 10 mile walk but we are no longer able to take his ball for him although he still loves to carry it round the house.

marie mayne

A treat for Hugo my friend’s very nervous little dog…